Animal Health and Personal Safety Guide
October 12, 2022

Although animals can seem extremely harmless, it can be extremely dangerous if you’re left alone with an animal that is not only wild but one that is rambunctious and can potentially attack you. Many people think that all animals are safe to approach, but if you are not careful around wild animals and you touch them, you can get bitten and severely hurt.

When this happens, it can not only dangerous, but there can be fatal outcomes. Therefore, you should always keep in mind that a wild animal is not safe and that if they do not trust you, they go into protective mode and they will attack you to protect themselves.

To make sure that neither you or the animals get hurt, you will need to follow this safety guide, which is filled with useful information about how to safely approach animals.

Without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into the safety precautions you should follow when handling animals.

Approach with caution

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that animals can not always be trusted, especially if you encounter a wild animal that has not built its trust with you; there are many instances where people have tried to approach rabid animals and instead have been bitten hard or left with cuts and bruises.

To prevent that, you should approach the animals in a way where you are safe and they feel safe too. You should not approach them if they seem angry, afraid, or scared in any way. Only then can you ensure your own personal safety.

Wear gloves

Another thing that you should take note of that is if you are trying to rescue a wild animal such as a cat or a dog and trying to take them to a shelter, they will most likely think that they are being captured and attacked. For that reason, they will become protective and try to attack you.

To ensure that you are being cautious, always wear gloves when you try to approach wild animals as it might be dangerous to expose bare skin to them. You can also try to approach them with a small napkin or a soft cloth so that there is a physical barrier between you and the animal you want to approach.


Lastly, you should restrain wild animals if you need to. Not only will this ensure that the animals will not hurt you, but it will also mean that you are keeping yourself safe and healthy too.

If you handle untamed animals, you should alway prioritize your safety. The best advice is to not approach wild animals in the wilderness without an animal expert present. Stay safe!